Shiloh 2015 - Fall Service Retreat

Purpose: We will serve Camp Shiloh by doing manual labor that helps them prepare for winter.  We will also be looking at how God's Story and our stories are interconnected.

Who: Sr. Highers

When:  October 23-25, 2015

What time: Meet at the church @ 5:00PM on Friday, October 23.   Students can be picked up at the church at approximately 3:00PM on Sunday, October 25.

Where: Sr High service project at Camp Shiloh, a Christian Camp set in the White Mountains.  Our primary purpose will be to provide physical labor to help minister to the needs of the camp.  We're going to work!  In our breakout times, we will focus on practicing spiritual disciplines in the beauty of nature and the context of service.

What to bring: Bring WARM clothes and a change of dry clothes, sleeping bag/bedding, toiletries, pillow, bible, journel, and pen.  We will be stopping for dinner on the way up.  Bring money for that.   There is also a snack bar at Shiloh.

What not to bring: Electronic devices.  We normally allow these on trips, but this will be a spiritual disciplines retreat in which we are asking you to unplug!  Any personal electronic devices will be confiscated immediately and without question.

Cost: $35.00 per student (should you need financial assistance, please speak to Pastor Grant).  The money will be due the day of the trip.  Please bring the exact dollar amount in cash or check.  (Extra cash needed for dinner stop on Friday)

*Students may not drive up separately.  Please notify us if you need a late ride as there are often youth leaders who come up in a late van.

**Please complete this Permission Slip for each student attending.  This must be completed no later than 10/16/15, in order for us to have enough transportation.  We cannot accept late sign-ups.



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