1. What should I expect Sunday Mornings?

When we gather for public worship on Sunday mornings our primary focus is God's Word to us (the Scriptures) and our response to Him (our praise, prayers, etc.). A service focused on the Glory of God and His Word from beginning to end, the time we spend together is shaped by the Bible passage to be preached that morning: congregational singing, instrumental and choral music, prayer, and our responsive confession of faith. You will engage in a form of worship rooted in history and kept alive and passionate by affirming what we believe with our whole hearts. The music is predominantly hymns accompanied by organ and other instruments. We remind one another of our core Christian faith by declaring the Historic Creeds; we enter into congregational prayer interceding for our current needs.  The sermon is the centerpiece of the hour-- it too is our corporate expression of worship: led by the preacher and transforming the listeners.

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2. How do I get involved?

There is no way that paid staff could do all that needs to be done at HFFBC. People often feel that in a  church our size that they are not specifically needed in ministry. Not true! We need volunteers each and every weekend just to make the services operate smoothly and safely.
Ways to Serve
Some volunteer positions are permanent ongoing positions, and some are one-time opportunities. For example, we need people for hospitality, for ushering, for parking lot attending, for choirs, for nursery service, for children's ministries, and for leading small groups. We need greeters and teachers. These are just some of our needs.
Contact Us
Do you have a skill or talent? Do you have a heart to invest that talent in the kingdom of God? We can probably find a good fit for you among HFFBC’s ministries.
To volunteer, please call Pat Polzella in the church office (603.926.3724 X 201). And THANK YOU!

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3. What is your Theological position on…

To learn about our beliefs. Click Here

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4. What time are services?

To view our service times. Click Here

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5. How can I reserve a room at HFFBC?

Contact Pat Polzella at 603.926.3724 X201

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6. How do I become a member?

Each spring and each fall, we hold new member/baptism classes.  There are four classes scheduled to cover the following topics:

  1. 1. Introduction to the pastors and the history of the church in Hampton Falls.
  2. 2. Baptism and Communion
  3. 3. Spiritual Gifts
  4. 4. Expectations of Church Membership and Church Polity

The classes are intended to help the perspective member to become acquainted with the leadership and mission of this particular church.  It is also intended to explain basic positions of this church on a variety of theological issues and  our own particular philosophy of ministry.

In order to join, a person must attend at least three out of four classes, write out their own personal testimony of faith in Christ (we will be glad to help with this), be baptized by immersion as an adult, (not necessarily for this to have taken place in Hampton Falls) and agree to support the basic positions of this church.

Everyone is free to attend these classes.  A person who attends the class need not feel any obligation or pressure to join the church.

For any further questions, you may contact any one of the pastors or the church office at  603-926-3724.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending so we can keep you informed.

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7. How can I get married at HFFBC?

Visit our Marriage and Wedding page.
Click here to view our
Wedding Application

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8. What is your Funeral/Memorial Service Policy?

Click here to read our Funeral/Memorial Service Policy

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