Dr. Bill and Ann Clemmer have been serving as medical missionaries under the care of American Baptist Missions.  Dr. Clemmer is the chief administrator of the medical care for the people of South Sudan.  The country is being torn apart by war, famine, and HIV.  Bill and Ann have a passion to preach the Gospel and help meet the physical needs of people.  Contact: clemmer@congokin.org
Dimitri and Olga pastor a church in Belarus.  Dmitri and Olga graduated from the International Leadership Academy in 1998.  The academy was started by Campus Crusade after the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Our church is supporting the academy and now supports Dimitri and Olga in their ministry in Belarus.
Jay and Sue Jenkins have spent their life translating the Scriptures for the Kunyagee people living in Senegal, Africa. They continue to work on translating the New Testament.   They serve under the care of Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Bruce and Miriam Saldi live in Bolivia where they are working under the mission of World Outreach Ministries.  They are working to train pastors and missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission.  Bruce is one of two pastors of a church plant and is the director of a mission school that is now sending missionaries to other countries of the world.  They are members of our church.
Dave and Deb Walker live in Singapore where they continue to work to build up church leaders and develop new missionary interns.
Heidi grew up in our church and presently she and her husband are serving Christ in Poland, sharing the Gospel with athletes through the ministry of Athletes in Action.   They are members of our church.
Doug and Suzie Stoddard serve the Lord in the Ukraine.  There,   Doug is a director for a mission organization called “Children’s Hope” a ministry of “First Love International.”  The ministry focuses on the needs of children for safety, healthy relationships, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Tim and Sarah Leary are serving with Inter-Varsity, ministering to international students attending colleges and universities in the Boston area.  Tim grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire.
Gary and Meg Congin is serving with Campus Crusade, ministering to students at the University of New Hampshire.  Gary and Meg are members of our church.

After serving as translators in the Philippines, Leon and Sally have transitioned to North Carolina where they serve with JAARS.  JAARS is an organization that provides high quality technical support services to Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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