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Our Church Library is entering the computer world.  You can now go to the Church Library Link at Library Thing and see if we have a book using the title of the book or the author.  There is limited information on the computer, if you are searching for a certain topic.   When researching a subject; you will have to use our library’s detailed “Book Classifying System” which is found posted in the library (Room B-2, second floor of the new building.) The general classifications are given below.  More details are given under each classification.  The shelves of the library are also labeled for easy finding.

Book Classifying System

000  General Works

200  Religion

220  Bible

221  Old Testament

222  Law and Historical Books

223  Poetical Books

224  Major and Minor Prophets

225  New Testament

226  Gospels and Acts

227  Epistles

260  Christian Church

266  Missions

267  Biography

268  Christian Education

268.5  Worship

F      Fiction

228  Revelation

229  Apocrypha

230  Doctrinal-Theology

239  Apologetics

240  Religions and Sects

241  Ideologies

250  Homiletics

246  Christian Home

249  Inspiration for Youth

242  Devotional

Library Hours

The Church Library is open Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings.  During the week if you would like to use the library, see Pat Polzella or one of our pastors and one of them will let you in.

To Borrow a Book  (Please, only 2 books at a time):

1.  Sign the card, found in the back of the book with first and last names

2.  Write return date on card.

3.  Deposit card in small “Sign-Out” box for books.

4.  Return book within two weeks.  Put it in box include a phone number.

Renewal Instructions:

If you would like to renew a book, please write a piece of paper and put it in the small “Sign-Out” Box.  Please write a note including the title of the book and your name on a piece of paper and put it in the small “Sign-Out” Box.

*Please note that there still are more books that need to be entered into the computer.  Please also note that if a book is signed out, that information will not be on the computer.

Multi-Media Materials

The Church Library also has a selection of Christian CDs and videos/DVD’s that can be borrowed.  Instructions for borrowing are posted and are similar to the instructions for borrowing a book.

*Please note that there is a need for someone to process new additions to the multi-media library and to put materials back in order when returned.

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