Ministries: Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Definition: Adult Sunday School is an instructional ministry for anyone out of high school.

During the year, classes are offered that are intended to help adults:

Grow in the understanding of the text of the Bible and discover ways to apply the truth to the needs of their life.

  • Grow in knowledge in the following areas:  evangelism, basic Bible doctrine, marriage & family, financial matters, Christian theology, and Judeo Christian culture.
  • Gain friendships at various levels.
Foundations of Christian Thought:
A deep look at the basic doctrines that we take for granted
Time:  9:15am
Location:  Annex
Teacher:  Pastor Grant Winnes

I Corinthians:
Time:  9:15am
Location: B-1 (next to library)
Teacher:  Mark Huss

"Parenting Teens": Starts January 18
This class is another seminar from the Carpenter's Workshop Series.  Parents of children of all ages are invited to join, but especially those parents who are about to enter this stage or are currently in this stage.  Topics that will be covered include:  Parental Preparation, Essential Spiritual Growth Principles, The Importance of Love, Building Godly Esteem, Peer Problems and Solutions, Developing Healthy Friendships, Taming Technology, Dating, Sexuality, Preparation for Launching, & Parents Game Plan.

Time:  9:15am
Location:  Chapel
Teacher:  Dr. Sam Hollo

Sermon Discussion Group:
Time:  10:45am
Location:  B-2 (library)
Leader:  Perrin Prescott
Requirement:  Attend the 9:15am worship service


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