Ministries: Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Definition: Adult Sunday School is an instructional ministry for anyone out of high school.

During the year, classes are offered that are intended to help adults:

Grow in the understanding of the text of the Bible and discover ways to apply the truth to the needs of their life.

  • Grow in knowledge in the following areas:  evangelism, basic Bible doctrine, marriage & family, financial matters, Christian theology, and Judeo Christian culture.
  • Gain friendships at various levels.
Foundations of Christian Thought:
A deep look at the basic doctrines that we take for granted
Time:  9:15am
Location:  Annex
Teacher:  Pastor Grant Winnes

I Corinthians:
Time:  9:15am
Location: B-1 (next to library)
Teacher:  Kevin Deary

Sermon Discussion Group:
Time:  10:45am
Location:  B-2 (library)
Leader:  Perrin Prescott
Requirement:  Attend the 9:15am worship service


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