At Hampton Falls First Baptist Church, we want to build relationships, discover how practical the Bible is to our lives, and have fun together! We believe that Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure we can fill our lives with, that He is God, and that to live for Him brings the greatest satisfaction in our lives. We strive to honor Him through:


WORSHIP - Everything we do is in "worship" of something; we want to worship Jesus Christ with our lives.

INSTRUCTION - Whether it is school, a job, a new video game, we are always learning something new. We have to learn how to live, and we learn how from the inspired Word of God.
FELLOWSHIP - We want to spend time together having fun, learning from each other and helping each person as we relate to one another.
EVANGELISM - God gave each of us abilities and skills, skills to serve and help others. The most important thing we can do for someone is to tell them about Jesus' love , and His desire for that person to have a relationship with Him.


Check out RightNow Media - Contact Pastor Grant for an invitation to join.


Upcoming Events:

Date Event Description
December 16 Christmas Party
January 15, 2016 TBD
February 26-28, 2016 Snow Camp at Monadnock
March 18, 2016 Diamond Smugglers
April FUSION Community Service
May Carwash Teambuilder
July Ministry Trip


Sr. High Girls' Bible Study - A weekly commitment is required. Heather Stubbs and Lisa Pond are the leaders.

Sr. High Guys' Bible Study - Derek Lawrence will be leading this group.

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