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What is “CAYP Fellowship”??? Great question! “CAYP” Fellowship Nights are informal, fellowship-oriented times for people in the young adult age group to hang out together, connect over a home-cooked meal, and to talk through relevant topics related to faith in the modern world.
Who is it for? Anybody roughly ages 18-25. It’s designed for those who have graduated high school and are now either studying in college, working in the workplace, taking a gap year, figuring things out, or freshly out of college looking for a group to connect with. This is a completely open group, so anybody new is welcome at any time. All are welcome to join who are in this general age group, whether they’re connected to HFFBC, another church, or no church at all. If you’re not a Christian, but are looking for a place to ask the real meaningful questions of life, this is your spot. Or if you’re a Christian and looking for a place to grow and connect with other Christians your age, this is also your spot.
Does it meet over the summer? Yes! Over the summer, when college students are back in town, the nights are more discussion-based, and discussions are intentionally very open-ended to begin with!
What about the rest of the year? Yes! As the college students go back to school in the fall, we’ll transition to a more intentional time of working through a book together, picking a relevant topic to work through, or do a more traditional Bible study together. Whatever that group decides the group would like to do, we’ll do. The group will get together roughly twice a month.
Where do the fellowship nights take place? They’ll rotate between people’s houses, or even out in restaurants, coffee shops, or other locations that the group picks. It changes from month to month!
How do I get connected? Get in touch with Steven White ( and he’ll put you on his group contact list to keep you up-to-date about when the next fellowship night is.