Sanctuary Choir Director
Associate Pastor (Full Time)
Job Description

Hampton Falls First Baptist Church seeks to hire sanctuary choir director/ assistant to the music director in building music ministry for worship in the church of Hampton falls.  This is a 15 hour a week position. 



  1. Candidates must be committed Christians and able to sign the HFFBC Doctrinal Statement and The Church Covenant.
  2. Candidates should be able to articulate a sense of call to music ministry in the church.
  3. Education and Experience
    1. Minimum qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Music (vocal pedagogy or vocal performance preferred)
    2. Choral conducting experience
    3. Experience working with adult volunteer choirs is preferred
    4. Some basic piano proficiency is desirable

Areas of Responsibility and Specific Tasks

  1. To encourage, shepherd and disciple individuals in music ministry. This involves:
    1. In collaboration with the Music Director, to identifying and recruiting new choir members, including capable high school and college aged individuals.
    2. In collaboration with the Music Director, identifying and recruiting instrumentalists for the purpose of periodically enhancing selected choir anthems.
    3. In collaboration with the Music Director, identifying and recruiting vocalists and/or instrumentalists for the purpose of creating a variety of small ensembles to occasionally be utilized in worship services.
  2. To administrate and direct the sanctuary choir music program at HFFBC. This involves:
    1. Choosing appropriate choir anthems each week and to develop a rolling 5 to 6-week anthem schedule in consultation with the Music Director.
    2. Directing the Sanctuary Choir in weekly rehearsal and for Sunday morning worship (both services).
    3. Creating and clearly communicating anthem schedules for church staff and choir members.
    4. Sharing in the planning of worship and special services (e.g., Maundy Thursday, Easter and Christmas)
    5. Directing and rehearsing the Sanctuary Choir as needed for these special services.
    6. Regularly communicating with Sanctuary Choir members via email and/or phone
    7. Developing an annual budget for the Sanctuary Choir program (in consultation with the Director of Music and Business Manager) and oversee the purchase of new choral repertoire and supplies according to this budget
    8. Assuming oversight for the organization and maintenance of the choral music library.
    9. Maintaining records regarding attendance, new members, new repertoire, and financial expenditures. This includes the labeling and cataloguing of new repertoire.
    10. Overseeing maintenance of the choir robes.
    11. Equipping musicians with learning tools such as links to selected anthems
  3. To collaborate with worship leaders in building and implementing strategies that promote a deeper congregational understanding and appreciation for selected choir anthems.
  4. Expectations
    1. You are expected to be a person who is established in character, but still working on the character qualities of a leader as defined by I Timothy 3.
    2. You are expected to become a member of this church.
    3. You will be responsible to the Music Director with whom you will meet regularly for the purpose of review, evaluation, goal setting, counsel, sharing and prayer.
    4. You will be expected to work with the Lead Pastor, Elder Board, Music Director, and oter ministry leaders in planning, in problem solving and in building the entire ministry of the church.
    5. If you have a family, we expect you will make your family a priority while balancing ministry responsibilities.

How to Apply

Email Address: epond@hffbc.orgMailing Address:  First Baptist Church, 3 Lincoln Avenue, Hampton Falls, NH  03844

Please include the following:

  1. Testimony of Faith
  2. Resume of education and job experience


(A Copy of the HFFBC Doctrinal Statement and Church Covenant is available upon request)..

Job Description

Hampton Falls First Baptist Church is seeking to fill an Associate Pastor position. 

Areas of Responsibility and Tasks

In living a life that aligns with the biblical expectations of an elder (1 Tim 3:2-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Pet 5:1-3), the role of associate pastors at HFFBC will include: 

  • Providing pastoral care to our congregation and church This may include counseling or discipleship of individuals dealing with Christian growth, or diverse hardships and struggles.
    • Be skilled at building healthy relationships and encouraging others to do the same.
    • Have a shepherd’s heart to know the people of HFFBC.
  • Teaching God’s Word by:
    • Faithfully expositing Scripture during any teaching venue.
    • Periodically preaching from the pulpit as part of our pastoral team.
    • Applying biblical and theological truths to contemporary trends within and outside of the evangelical community. 
  • Having a passion for and involvement with global missions as well as evangelism in our local community. 
    • Have a heart for making disciples in accordance with the great commission, desiring to see people come to faith, grow in righteousness, and reach others with the gospel.
  • Recruiting, training, and discipling leaders and volunteers to oversee ministries within the church that advance our mission.
  • Providing oversight for diverse areas of ministry in the church by:
    • Establishing short and long-term ministry objectives.
    • Selecting curriculum materials to be used when appropriate.
    • Communicating regularly with individuals involved in each area of ministry. 
    • Effectively administrating all areas of given oversight.
  • The Associate Pastor is expected to be a person who is established in character, but still working on the character qualities of a leader as defined by I Timothy 3.  He must be able to sign the Statement of Faith and the Church Covenant and become members of our church.  
  • Under the leadership of the Lead Pastor, the Associate Pastor is expected to work with the staff, Elder Board, Church Council and all ministry leaders in planning, problem solving, and building the entire ministry of the church.
  • If the Associate Pastor has a family, we expect him to demonstrate a healthy balance between home and church ministries.
  • Be a part of the Elder Board and Pastoral team to help champion the church’s vision.
  • Help in church wide events to support the mission and vision of the church.
  • Participate in all staff meetings and prayer times.
  • Provide theological leadership and biblical teaching to the congregation.
  • Manage the budget for the youth, children and family ministries.
Areas of Oversight for Associate Pastor

The Associate Pastor will provide leadership, vision, oversight and execution of a comprehensive program for Christian discipleship of families, including partnering with and equipping parents, developing, and overseeing ministry and outreach for children ages birth through senior high school. This position will be the primary pastor and shepherd of the junior and senior high students. This pastoral position will develop and implement teaching, recruiting, training and deployment of volunteer leaders, and provide support systems that will enable the families of HFFBC to fulfill its vision of loving God and loving others.

  • Youth Ministry
    1. Train and recruit volunteer staff for efficient implementation of youth ministries.
    2. Recruit, train and work with student leaders and youth interns.
    3. Provide counseling to students and help them grow as disciples.
    4. Administer and plan numerous youth events such as: camps, retreats, short-term service projects and Bible study lessons
    5. Coordinate with parents of youth group members regarding their children’s involvement and participation in the church.
    6. Assist in organizing and compiling of Sunday school curriculum.
    7. Participate and contribute to staff and church meetings.
    8. Train students on how to be faithful followers of Christ and set up programs to facilitate spiritual growth.
  • Children’s Ministry
    1. Work closely with ministry leaders to provide direction, encouragement, and evaluation. This will include assisting in long-range planning, assessing needs, setting goals, and determining specific steps to achieve those consistent goals with the church’s philosophy and direction.
    2. Assist in the recruiting and training of leaders for children’s ministries, giving special attention to spiritual giftedness and maturity.
    3. Work with Children’s Ministry Director to oversee all programs maintaining balance and coordination regarding objectives and schedule.
    4. Provide pastoral oversight and care to children’s ministries at large.
    5. Oversee the safety of children, youth, and volunteers by ensuring all volunteers have met appropriate safety protocols.
  • Family Ministry
    1. To oversee and develop HFFBC’s Family Ministry as an environment that cultivates biblical marriages, grows parents as the primary disciple makers of their children, and enables families to faithfully engage with the church and outside world.
    2. To oversee, coordinate and plan our annual Family Camp.
    3. To actively pursue intergenerational opportunities of ministry for our entire church family.
  • Marriage Ministry
    1. Oversees and coordinates teaching ministries to couples that promote marriage themes (e.g. premarital courses, marriage enrichment courses, marriage retreats, etc.).
    2. Develops and sustains an effective ministry for all lay and mentor couples.
    3. Maintains a referral network of various levels of professional counselors.
    4. Plan and promote activities which will enhance the spiritual and relational development for all pre-marital and married couples (e.g. date nights, small group opportunities, etc.).
    5. Give advice in developing book, audio, and video resources for the marriage ministry in partnership with other pastoral staff.
How To Apply:
To apply, contact Pastor Dan Odom ( with a cover letter, your resume, a statement of faith, and a statement of calling, as well as 3 names of possible references.