Adult Sunday School 

Welcome to the home of adult Sunday school at Hampton Falls Baptist Church! To register for a class, simply click on the name, or just scroll to the bottom of this page.
Sermon Discussion
Discussion Facilitator: Perrin Prescott    
Room: TBD
Start Date: All year!
Description: Ever leave Sunday morning sermon wondering what it was all about and how to apply to your life? Well the sermon discussion class is starting up again Sunday, November 1, 2020 and will continue all year. We will be asking the questions, what does the Bible say? And what did Pastor Ken say the Bible said? The only prerequisite is you must attend the first service   Looking forward to seeing you!
1 Peter
Discussion Facilitator: Pastor Grant Winnes 
Room: TBD
Start Date: May 2, 2021
Description: In the first of his two letters, Peter encourages his readers to endure suffering and persecution by giving themselves entirely to God. Though written almost 2000 years ago the applications are very timely. Pastor Grant will be teaching this class. Contact Pastor Grant Winnes ( for more details!
Tween Years
Discussion Facilitator: Connie Lawrence 
Room: TBD
Start Date: May 2, 2021
Description: It is said that adolescence is the best decade of life.  In a discussion format, Connie Lawrence will sharing what makes the “Tween Years” exciting and how to navigate them with expectation.  Classes will take the  Myths of Adolescence and shape them into Truths for Your Adolescent.