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HFFBC is organized around four important ministries we refer to as ministry pillars. These pillars affirm the Church’s identity as the WIFE (or “bride”) of Jesus (see Revelation 21:2), and are identified in Acts 2:42-47 when the earliest believers, following the preaching on Pentecost, gathered to worship, be instructed, fellowship and evangelize. It is our plan to strengthen each ministry pillar here and involve each person in the blessing each ministry has to offer them.

To worship is to come into the presence of God in fullness, beholding His holiness and beauty, recognizing His truth, opening our hearts to the love of God in Christ, and devoting ourselves wholly to His purposes.

Instruction involves becoming aware of the truths of the Bible and the relevance of those truths for daily life and godliness. 

This takes place consistently through the proclamation of God’s Word through preaching and through intentional times of teaching.


Fellowship takes place whenever followers of Jesus Christ come together and care for one another. We share fellowship that is the result of our common Christian inheritance and our mutual responsibility to prepare God’s people for works of service.


Evangelism is sharing the Gospel in word and deed. We who have received and believed the Gospel make ourselves mouthpieces of the Gospel message.  This is the command of God to all who claim to have received and believe the Gospel.  God accepts the responsibility to open hearts and bring sinners to repentance and faith.