On the second Saturday of each month, September – May, from 7:00AM – 8:30AM all men aged 14 and up (roughly 9th grade) are invited to come together for fellowship, singing and to hear stories of God’s grace in the lives of ordinary men.  A hearty meal and humorous interactions set the tone for connections to be made with other men in the church.  This is a great way to learn more about each other in the context of worship and grace.


“The Hazards of Manhood”

Dates and Speakers:
September 9 – Manipulation; Eric Lindsay
October 14 – Absence; Josh McDonald
November 11 – Misplaced Priorities; Jesse McLaughlin
December 9 – Unchecked Motives; Mark Stubbs
January 13 – Partial Obedience; Jon-Mark McLaughlin 
February 10 – Discontent; Kirby Francis   
March 9 – Unresolved Anger; Chris Bender
April 13 – Individualism; Andrew Vogan
May 11 – Deflecting Responsibility; Jacob Gerwig
Too often we think we are doing fine if we can simply check off that we are doing the “Big” things in life like: Go to church, Spend time with family, Provide for the home etc.
However, growing in our relationship with Christ is far more than just hitting the basic checklists of life. We quickly find that what we do is being tainted by either how we do it or why we do it. 
Join us as we seek to learn together the hazards that can easily taint and destroy the very things we are trying to do that honor the Lord. 
Men’s Theology “Break-fast”
Beginning September 14th , we welcome you to join us Thursday mornings from 6:30 -7:30am in L-6 for a time of learning and exposure to one of the great theologians of church history. Each week we will simply read a sermon from the theologian and discuss it together. This fall we plan on reading and learning from Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), arguably the greatest theologian this country has produced. Can’t wait to grow spiritually with you!
Disclaimer: there will be no eggs and bacon here, we are simply “breaking our fast” with a time of learning theology together. 


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