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1st Quarter (September 13 – October 25)
“Romans 12-13”
Teacher: Pastor Grant Winnes               
Room: TBD
DescriptionThis is a verse-by-verse discussion of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.  Having gone through much the theology in chapters 1-11, we now turn to some very practical applications even for our day and age: self-image, spiritual gifts, relationships with others in the church, relationship to our governing authorities and living in the world as Christians.
“Representing Christ in a Political Time
(beginning October 4)
Teacher: Michael Tucker              
Room: Chapel
Description: For the Christian, civic engagement is a divine opportunity to serve the common good and point our neighbors to a greater, more perfect kingdom to come, but our current environment can make this difficult. What responsibilities do we have to engage in this current moment? How should we think about this unique season? And how can we advocate for important issues without hindering our gospel witness? Using the new “Courage and Civility Church Kit” will help Christians think biblically about these and other questions in order to engage in the public square in a way that fears God, honors those in authority, loves all of our neighbors, and invites everyone to trust Jesus.
2nd Quarter (November 1 – December 20)
“Romans 14-16”
Teacher: Pastor Grant Winnes       
Room: Annex
DescriptionIn the conclusion to our series on Romans, we will continue to look at Paul’s pastoral concerns for the Christians in Rome and how the theology of chapters 1-11 undergirds the way that they, and we, might live in a world that is often hostile to God.  Topics will include: Christian liberties, matters of conscience, missions and divisions in the church. 
“Faith and Science: The Search for God’s Truth”
Teacher: Peter Iltis      
Room: TBD
DescriptionAmong God-fearing, born-again Christians who all affirm the authority of Scripture, there are diverse positions on how to view the scientific enterprise.  Throughout history, when the findings generated by scientific study of the natural world have appeared to challenge long-held, traditional beliefs, Christians of all stripes have found themselves confused and conflicted.  This is not just a historical problem. It is alive and well in 2020, often leading to serious schisms among believers. Must this be so?  This class will explore this question from numerous perspectives in the hope of creating a safe place for conversations that contribute to greater unity in the Church, thereby bringing glory to God.
Ongoing Classes
“Sermon Discussion Class”
Discussion Facilitator: Perrin Prescott    
Room: TBD
Description: Ever leave Sunday morning sermon wondering what it was all about and how to apply to your life? Well the sermon discussion class is starting up again Sunday, November 1, 2020. We will be asking the questions, what does the Bible say? And what did Pastor Ken say the Bible said? The only prerequisite is you must attend the first service   Looking forward to seeing you!


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