at Hampton Falls
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Sermon Discussion
  1. Having listened to the sermon and having considered the warning to Pergamum, what is the definition of ‘reckless faith?’ What are some examples of ‘reckless faith’ from the Bible or from your experience?
  2. Review the narration regarding Balaam (Numbers 22-24). From the text and the sermon, what evidence do we have that he was on a ‘reckless path?’ (Numbers 22: 32)
  3. The church in Pergamum is being warned because, “You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam…” What do you think that teaching is in the 21st century church? Given the fact that we welcome ‘all people’ to attend our worship services/Sunday School classes, it is possible that some of them ‘hold to the teaching of Balaam.’ At what point do we say ‘sorry, but you cannot attend here?